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Christmas Eve 20017!!!
Christmas Eve 20017!!!

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Thanks for visiting the Team page for Isabella Vahanian!!! Team Isabella Vahanian is committed to raising funds for Isabella to receive the Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and the associated care she needs at this time.  This will allow Isabella to lead a more rewarding and fulfilling life.


So far since September 2015 generous donors, seeing an opportunity to make a meaningful difference in a little girl’s life, have supported Isabella through financial giving to the tune of $35,225!!! 


That’s simply amazing and has made a huge difference for this inspiring girl with the services and care it has provided her. Our annual goal based on Isabella’s currently prescribed therapies is $24,000.  With one month remaining for 2017, we hope to reach our target by raising $12,500 by the end of the year.




Isabella is joy to be around.  For a time, no one knew how long she would be on this earth. After having triumphantly survived open-heart surgery as an infant she had AML Leukemia at 2 years old, which required an 8 month in-hospital stay for chemotherapy treatment.  Isabella's parents, Gregory and Wendy, lived with her in shifts at the hospital 24/7, while also caring for her then 8-year old sister, Gabriela.  While Isabella has successfully overcome these significant health challenges, she continues to require special care.

Over the last several years, the family has seen progress in Isabella’s development thanks to her being able to receive Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and associated care. These therapies are a direct cost to the family each and every month.  Unfortunately, none of her required treatment is covered by insurance or state agencies.  Every month, the family has to make extremely difficult choices of which items they can afford, in addition to normal expenses like food, clothes and housing.


Team Isabella Vahanian is committed to raising funds for Isabella to receive all the treatments that are needed.  This is an expense of $3500 per month every month or $42,000 per year.  The financial mountain they face is large and that’s why they need your help.

Your support is needed to help provide for Isabella's development, health & well-being.  There are several ways to help.

1.       Make a donation today. It can be a one-time gift or a recurring gift of $10 or more.

2.       When you’ve made your donation, share it on social media right from your donation. It will tell your circle that you are making a difference in the life of a child. Share the story and the site.

3.       If you have a desire to join our efforts, join the team! We can all benefit from your participation.

Your donation will be made to Steven’s Hope for Children, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit in honor of Isabella. Donors will get a tax receipt and there are no fees charged to Isabella’s cause or to the donors.  This way, your donation will make a more meaningful impact.

Please act today and share.  To find out the latest update on Isabella’s status click here.

Your Support Is Greatly Appreciated!

Team Isabella







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For the latest updates on Isabella and her progress, visit our update page by clicking HERE. 

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