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Team Priscilla

As a parent of a child who is facing cancer, it's obvious that my hopes and prayers are that my child will recover quickly from this nasty disease.  Unfortunately, she has passed on and is now no longer dealing with chemotherapy and all that it entails.

We invite you to celebrate the life and spirit of Priscilla.  Details are listed below.

The last thing I want to do is spend time trying to raise money to help defray the massive financial burden that is now upon my family.  So, please consider helping however you can.  Make a donation, read the update blog, share the story on social media.  Everything you do will help.  Especially, prayers.

Thank you, in advance, for your support and caring.



Priscilla's Mom


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The Raising Hope Project is a service provided by Steven's Hope for Children for the benefit of seriously ill children and their families. For information about Steven's Hope, visit www.stevenshope.org.

Please, help us with a contribution to the Raising Hope Project today.

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"Between hospital and home, there is hope", "Steven's Hope", "Steven's Hope for Children" and kid's logo are service marks of Steven's Hope for Children, Inc.

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