Raising Hope Project

Angie doesn't get to move around too much.
Angie doesn't get to move around too much.

Team Angie

Celebrating your sixth birthday hooked up to machines is not the best day ever.  But, that's what Angie had to do. 

As she waits for a new heart, she continues to get a little stronger day-by-day.  That is such a blessing.

This site is kind of like GoFundMe, except they pay for all the fees and donations are to Steven's Hope, a nonprofit, so the donations are deductible.  So, we are starting this Raising Hope site and I could really use your help.  Every donation counts, even $10 or $25, can have a big impact.

If you want to really make a ripple of change, please consider helping with a donation today or start your own fundraising page with The Raising Hope Project.  I will also be sending out updates on Angie's progress from this site.  Please follow our story and share it on social media.

We could also use all the prayers you can send our way.



Good luck and Thank You!





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The Raising Hope Project is a service provided by Steven's Hope for Children for the benefit of seriously ill children and their families. For information about Steven's Hope, visit www.stevenshope.org.

Please, help us with a contribution to the Raising Hope Project today.

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"Between hospital and home, there is hope", "Steven's Hope", "Steven's Hope for Children" and kid's logo are service marks of Steven's Hope for Children, Inc.

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