An Online Virtual Fundraising Event

The Raising Hope Project is an online special event to help raise funds for families of seriously ill or injured children. Funds raised go to families needing financial assistance while their child is receiving treatment or ongoing care at a hospital or treatment center.

Families are not charged any fundraising fees, deductions are tax deductible and reimbursements can be for any expense relating to the sick child's care including medications, travel expenses, food, clothing, hospital bills, deductibles, and much more.

How can you help?

Make a donation:
Individuals are encouraged to make donations to the "Raising Hope Fund" which supports families with seriously ill or injured children. Click on the "Donate Now" button and you will have the opportunity to make a minimum donation of $10 as a one-time or recurring donation for up to 60 months.

Register as a participant:
We have taken all the "hard" out of helping! When you register, you will get access to your own Participant Center where you can send emails to people you know that will support you in your efforts to make an impact in the lives of a family with a seriously ill or injured child. There are pre-written email templates to send, follow up messages, social media sharing options, and all the tools you will need to be successful. It's really easy and it only takes a few minutes to set up.

Start or Join A Team:
If you believe that there is power in numbers and you have a few friends or a large group that can collectively make an impact, perhaps you should be a Team Captain.  Need help?  Get a Co-Captain to help you. Your team can be up to 20 members!  We can help you with getting organized and getting the best from your recruits.  You see, not everyone can be on your team.  The only way to get on your team is with a secret code that you choose.

Become A Family:
If you have a child with a serious illness or injury, contact your hospital social worker and have them call Steven's Hope for Children about getting you on the Raising Hope Project.  It's really not that difficult, but there are some qualifications.

  • Your child must be 18 years of age or less.
  • The child must be referred to Steven's Hope for the Raising Hope Project by a hospital social worker or your Doctor.
  • The child must have a serious illness or injury as verified by the social worker and/or physician.  Children in need of organ transplant, Cancer, Proton Radiation Therapy, nerve disorders, premature/hypoxic birth, HBOT, etc.
  • The social worker must verify that the illness has created a financial need for the family.
  • Upon initial qualification, family must complete and submit all necessary paperwork, disclosures and authorizations for final approval at which time you will receive a password to set up your Family site.

You really have nothing to lose by registering today.

Sign up, join, donate.  Make a difference today.